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CompAmerica’s “Repair Central Anywhere” (RCA) Goes Global on Field Service

Mon May 8, 8:00 AM ET

(PRWEB) - Cranford, NJ (PRWEB) May 8, 2006 -- CompAmerica’s Repair Central is known for its bold claim: “we can fix anything in the computer industry”. Now CompAmerica has expanded its amazingly successful Repair Central program, and has renamed it: “Repair Central Anywhere” (RCA).


CompAmerica indicated that it now dispatches its highly skilled field service technicians directly to its customers' homes or offices. It covers customers located anywhere in the world, even those with diverse locations in multiple countries and the USA. CompAmerica's landmark Global Field Service (GFS) program does not discriminate by geo-locality, as its competitors' generally do. Global Equality is a standard feature in CompAmerica's new Repair Central Anywhere (RCA) "OSSA" agreement, effective May 1, 2006.

For more details, visit:

“No matter who or where you are, we'll provide on site field service. Whether you are a CompAmerica Home PC owner or a CompAmerica Soho (Small office / Home office) Customer. Even if you have a CompAmerica DataCenter farm, are one of our Enterprise customers or are one of our Academic Customers: we’ll promptly come onsite to service your PCs, Servers and networking facilities. We'll be at your beck and call in the US or about any other country of the world” says CompAmerica’s head, Dr. Jack A. Shulman. “We’ve gone global at CompAmerica. We'll back that up with a choice of 24x7 or optional 8-5 (in the USA) Telephone Support Help Desk, also provided worldwide. In most areas we can even provide full time onsite field service personnel, if warranted, and optional programming consultants who bill by the hour, day, week, month or year."

"We’ve also gone global for Remote Web based support: we've implemented CompAmerica RCA Remote. Online Help personalized to your needs can be accessed through our Website, using the SUPPORT link found at the top of every page of our Website. Customers can portal in from their desk or use a Windows Mobil device and track any scheduled service activity they want. They can also open a new one or even chat online with technical support on their own private Chat with Repair Central Anywhere interface.”

Unlike competing companies CompAmerica provides Repair Center Anywhere (RCA) through a unique “Single Point of Contact” (SPC). CompAmerica claims this will simplify the way customers seek out assistance. Quicker response "anywhere in the world" means greater customer satisfaction and a lower cost profile.

CompAmerica indicates businesses abroad can thereby have their seamless support inside and outside the USA without regard for domestication: something it believes no one else in the industry provides.

“One of the things learned from supporting IBM for many years was that breaking up your customer interface into many parts and segregating them by country could be a very serious mistake when you have customers who travel, open businesses abroad or come from abroad and open businesses here,” said Shulman.

“We intend to inspire Global Confidence from our customers. We treat all our customers the same way, big or small, here or there, from North Pole to South Pole. Repair Center Anywhere has all the tools: on site on call on demand field service, remote diagnostics, remote web based monitoring, remote interaction, RCA is destined to change the way computer manufacturers provide customer service. Taking economic and language differences into consideration: everyone everywhere is treated equally throughout our customer base. Even when you relocate across inter-national borders!”

CompAmerica RCA is available with any PC or Server sold by CompAmerica. CompAmerica's OSSA, or "on site service agreement", offers levels of onsite service response including a choice of four (4) hour response time field service, next business day response time field service or even full time onsite field service personnel as end user selectable options. As a result, CompAmerica believes Customers can more conservatively manage expenditures.

CompAmerica’s RCA Remote, also allows for software diagnosis to be performed through web based facilities, allowing service personnel to arrive onsite with the right part or software. Designed to be purchased with each PC or Server a customer can decide to add RCA through an On Site Service Agreement within the first 45 to 60 days of ownership of a CompAmerica product.

Full warranty OSSA service agreements may last up to three years, remedial non-warranty agreements can be ongoing, at prevailing rates.

“We consider this a major advantage over the competition, since our network is quite large, our technological depth is Global and very technologically superior to the competition.” stated a spokesperson. "What they spend time hyping up about but not delivering, we actually do provide."

CompAmerica, a leader in personal computing, is headquartered in NJ. RCA is available in every state of the United States and most all countries in the world.

"We pride ourselves on giving the best field service in the industry." said Dr. Shulman.

Consult with your CompAmerica representative at 908-931-1200 or through CompAmerica’s website, which is located at


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