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Yahoo! News   Sat, Mar 26, 2005
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Press Release - PRWEB
PR Web
CompAmerica Challenges IBM, HP and Toshiba by Adding to It's Industry Leading PCI-EXPRESS 64 Bit Laptop Line: the ORCA 7000x and the PANTHER 4080x, the first of their kind.

Sat Mar 26, 7:00 AM ET

The new PCI Express Pentium 4 and Centrino based products offer 64bit desktop and mobile features, features CompAmerica says are not available elsewhere.  CompAmerica's uniquely advanced laptops combine highest performance and longest battery life, while providing lightest weight and more robust features than any competing laptop in the 15-15.4" screen size. The systems are the first which support CPU speeds up to 3.8 GHz (LGA-775) and 2.13 GHz (Pentium M) and have unusual video capabilities: ATI Radeon x800 and x700 video, as well as an integral TV Tuner on the 7000x.

(PRWEB) March 26, 2005 -- Internationally renowned computer manufacturer CompAmerica has introduced two new laptop families that raise the bar on mobile technology. They are among the first to be based on INTEL"s newest technology PCI Express, with CPU speeds up to 3.8 GHz and 2.13GHz that also incorporate equal or higher performance than desktop PCs: the first 64 Bit laptops of their kind to combine both mobile and desktop features with advanced PCIx-16x video. CompAmerica indicated it had "raised the bar on the mobile platform to insure that Laptops could use the speed of 108GBPS 802.11G Turbo wireless, what's the point of the speed if a laptop can't keep up?"



"The first PCIx model in the industry, the ORCA9000x, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide," stated company president Dr. Jack Shulman. "While we were busy prepping these two new models, we outsold the industry in this class of machine 3 to 1. We broke a record with the 9000. We expect the 7000 and the 4080 to exceed the popularity of the 9000 because of their more diverse appeal."


CompAmerica has challenged every other laptop manufacturer to achieve as "high performance and long battery life, light weight and yet still provide desktop PCIx16 graphics and 6 to 8 channel audio in the same package."


The products are being offered to both resellers and direct by the internet.


"We are selling to stores, resellers, and directly, with a unique approach that allows consumers to buy our highest volume sellers at a much lower price than if they were classified as a single laptop buyer." stated Shulman, adding: "while we make a little bit lower profit margin, we almost double sales. Our unique 'configure the laptop your way' approach to selling works. Rather than fixating on feature specific models, we offer full customization. Then, we came up with this unique idea: 'higher volume, lower price in the spotlight' systems, systems which rise to the top of the demand curve (in other words, which sell at a higher volume) we offer a 'feature set discount' on. This is a process the industry hasn't noticed, allowing us the austerity of a model oriented laptop product line like Compaq and IBM, and the desirable appeal of a fully customizable laptop product line at the same time."


"All of the products may be ordered with any choice of additional component, while certain models ordered more frequently by the public, are available with extra discounts."


Shulman characterized the approach, which enables CompAmerica to be less expensive than it's competitors: 'demand driven pricing'.


"It's a major advantage since we have 'product families' rather than individual models, and 'product spotlight configurations' - high demand configurations, that we can discount without hurting us or the consumer".


The new "ORCA" and "PANTHER" models consist of:


15.4" ORCA 7000x


-- a new 15.4" Wide Ultra or Super XGA+ System. Similar to its bigger 17" PCI-x based brother, the hot selling ORCA 9000, introduced in January 2005, a model which has gotten rave reviews and has sold out every month of it's production: the 7000x has what the company calls "even more refinements, it's slightly smaller screen allowed us to make it more compact than other super laptop desktop pcs. It's performance is unequalled."


The 7000x, in addition to supporting the new INTEL LGA-775 Pentium 4 64Bit CPU technology, is said to break all performance barriers. Also representing what CompAmerica believes is a unique innovation, the system sports a new silver and gray designer chassis that the company indicated: "we believe exceeds Toshiba, Compaq and IBM in overall appearance and appeal."


"We designed an angle front design that makes it convenient with ready access to MP3/CD player while traveling. It's lighter weight than usual laptops in it's league. And we equipped it with a 6 Speaker SRS audio and ultra wide angle Glass View video screen, so as to appeal to users desiring a more refined visual and listening experience" stated a spokesperson.


The system incorporates an exceptional Radeon x800 video adapter, designed with an advanced CPU with unique features only available from ATI. The x800 includes 256MB of DDR3 video memory, making the ORCA 7000 the perfect mobile desktop, multimedia, cad-cam and gaming computer.


The system also has another feature not found on most laptops: an integral cable ready TV Tuner which, with the new 6 Speaker audio system built in, gigabit Ethernet and wifi G/B ready wireless, makes it the most robust laptop of it's kind, the company indicated.


"We can play IP TV side by side with Cable or Satellite TV, and DVD, all on the same machine, it's a convergence of technology unheard of in the rest of the industry..." remarked the company president.


"As a result", a company spokesperson added: "The 7000x refines the notion of a mobile personal computer into a business and entertainment platform."





"With it's full support for INTEL"s Pentium 4 EM64T CPUs we have both bus and eventually, instruction set compatibility with Microsoft's 64Bit Windows XP (news - web sites) and Longhorn Operating Systems (coming down the road in 2005). No other laptop has tried to accomplish this feat. These successor CPUs from INTEL with full 64Bit instruction set will be integrated into the 7000x, 9000x and 4080x over time, and we have already confirmed we're compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Windows. We address speeds up to 3.8GHz or faster today, 2GB of DDR2 Ram today, and up to a 100GB Hard Drive today, who knows how fast or high we'll go tomorrow, but we've equipped it accordingly. We feel that business travelers can now truly take their office with them, while also using it for personal entertainment while on downtime. And those needing mobility for other purposes can do likewise."

The company indicated that another unique feature: the unit comes with a hot swappable Floppy, allows it to be swapped with a choice of 2nd Battery for longer time between charges, 2nd Hard Drive for mirroring or extended storage or a 2nd Optical Device such as CDRW or DVRW for any purpose. A DVRW Dual Layer -/+ Burner is available on all models.

"As a result, buyers will be able to upgrade without any form of system modification", stated a company spokesperson. "Smart bays have always been a risky solution at best, however we've come up with one that resists breakage and manages a positive lock, so the consumer can not break them, even if being manhandled."

For full specifications of the ORCA 7000x, go here:

The company indicated the modest price tag on the 7000x begins at $1965.

The second new model is:

The PANTHER 4080x

-- a new 15" Wide and Slim SuperXGA+ model, the Silver Eagle 4080x, is said also to be a first for CompAmerica.

"It combines the new 533MHz bus INTEL CENTRINO PENTIUM M (DOTHAN 533) CPU with 2M on-die L2 Cache up- to 2.13GHz or faster, and INTEL"s famed CENTRINO Mobil system logic. In other words, you get both PCI-EXPRESS and CENTRINO Mobility, with INTEL"s PCI Express graphics. We find this prolongs battery life while giving desktop PC Speed" stated company president Jack A. Shulman.

The 7 lb. compact big screen unit is said to be offered to the public starting at under $1500 at promotional prices.

"We're offering the new ATI Radeon x700 PCI-x16 Graphics normally only found on gaming and desktop multimedia PCs. This allowed us to achieve startlingly crisp graphics, gaming speed, multimedia that makes this traveler a hardy companion when watching DVDs or streaming Video content on the Internet. And, because of the trimness of the Centrino logic, we were able to build a smaller mainboard, the unit is under an inch thick and weighs in well below the usual 10 lbs a 15" screen laptop normally does," stated a company marketing staffer, "the first day it was on the market, five of my customers ordered evaluation models for their traveling executives, the size and weight and global mobility at a very low price, led them to conclude that we had the only game in town."

The company president added: "We designed a functionally beautiful styled designer chassis rounds out an unusual product that leaves nothing to the imagination. High fi speakers are supported by SRS and WOW with optional 8-channel external audio output. It's a true traveling entertainment and business machine, with choice of desktop speakers for use at home or office. We believe it to be superior to any other similar 15" widescreen model out there."

For full specifications, go here:

CompAmerica Comments On: PCI Express
"INTEL"s PCI Express allows INTEL"s CPUs to access memory and devices using a 64Bit wide bus for nearly double the acceleration. It also supports INTEL"s newest Pentium 4 LGA-775 and newest PENTIUM M Centrino CPUs. INTEL"s 64Bit technology is software compatible with all earlier INTEL products. PCI-Express also supports dual channel, dual speed, 64Bit wide Memory that in effect quadruples the memory transfer rate of DDR memory, allowing applications to increase their available performance when high intensity applications are in use," commented the company.

CompAmerica Warranty
"All CompAmerica MOBILSTAR laptops are available with up to a 4 Year limited warranty, which includes after the first year, free replacement if repairs can not be successfully effected after three attempts at fixing the same warranty covered problem, giving us the best warranty in the industry," stated the company president.

CompAmerica provides free security software to it"s customers, to insure Windows XP runs safely. The Company presently supports Windows XP, Windows 2000 (news - web sites), Linux (news - web sites) and other operating systems. The Company maintains a catalog of over 250,000 Information Technology products available for direct purchase at top discounts, in addition to manufacturing Laptops, PCs and Servers.

CompAmerica"s MOBILSTAR laptop line can be reviewed at .

The company can be reached by phone at 888-275-2771 and 908-931-1200 and is located at 6 Commerce Drive, Cranford, NJ 07016.

# # #

John Buchman
E-mail Information




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