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The COMPAMERICA Track Record Report 12/2006

Ever wonder what sets CompAmerica apart from bigger vendors like IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP and Sony?  A successful track record is the first of many key indications that a computer company knows what it is doing.  We challenge all of the vendors to come clean regarding our record versus theirs!  We pay personal attention to our customers needs, right down to our CEO who will roll up his sleeves and jump right in to help a customer receive their merchandise on time or get a technical question answered or an issue resolved.  We have no closed doors at CompAmerica.

CompAmerica can PROVE it has a better repair and warranty service record than the competition.  We pay more personal attention.  We know what can be fixed in the field and what shouldn't and needs full refurbishment.  We don't claim a good record, like some, we HAVE a good record.  And since our systems are in our opinion designed better than our competitors, we believe that you get far, far more for you money, even though we are a smaller company.

As of the last update of this page, 07/07/2010 07:32:55 PM, there have been only [8] Warranty Repairs needed by any Compamerica Personal Computer, Laptop or Server since 1/1/2006. Since we sold twice the number of systems, that represents a net percentage decline of 33% versus last year!



warranty repairs

And our DigiMemo Electronic Tablet Product, how did it do this year?  Well, let's see, we had:  (0) DigiMemo Returns, (1) DigiMemo Exchange (6x9) for (8.5x11 model), (0) DigiMemo Warranty Replacements, (0) DigiMemo Failures, (1) DigiMemo Run Over by a Shipper's Truck (had to be replaced, but surprisingly, is working even though its housing was fractured by the weight of the truck and is in use in our warehouse!)

And the Better Business Bureau?  How many COMPLAINTS were filed or are unresolved?  None! (0). In fact, NONE WERE FILED.  NONE, in fact, since we started a BBB relationship over a decade ago.  Yet, we prominently display our BBB Online Membership right on the top of every page of our website.  Go to the Better Business Bureau online website and plug in one of the other companies and see their litany of complaints... resolved and unresolved.

And Telephoned In Complaints? We believe honesty is the best policy. We had THREE. Here they are:

   Case 1.
We had one gentleman this year whose USPS Shipment was returned to us and had to be reshipped to him by Priority Shipment a week or two later once it returned to us. Just after we reshipped it, he called and threatened to turn us into the Authorities.  We asked him to look at his PayPal account, wherein the USPS had posted a Track and Confirm Note stating his package had been misrouted through Post Office error.  He received his merchandise and admitted he had "jumped the gun". 

    Case 3. A second gentleman, who resides in Canada, called and threatened us over Customs clearing time.  He also demanded a refund of the $59 Customs Fee assessed his shipment by the Canadian Government.  He threatened us with "reputation loss, I will talk with others about you" and demanded we also refund him the cost of his merchandise and insisted that such a Customs Fee was "unheard of in my country" (it turns out that his homeland imposes some of the highest Customs fees in the world). Nonetheless, we provided him copies of his sales receipt and the web pages on which the product resides where it was clearly warned that some countries of the world impose what may seem like unfair duties, taxes or customs fees, and that some customs brokers add their own processing cost to said fee.  We also pointed out we had called his home 12 times prior to warn him to make a different shipping arrangement so as to prevent a customs brokerage fee.  Our calls went unreturned and Customs assessed him a duty.  While we do everything in our power to help our customers, changing the Nation of Canada's customs practices and that of Customs Brokerages is slightly outside our sphere of influence. Nonetheless, we did our best to help him anyway.  We doubt any competitor would have called his home to advise him to change his shipment to a domestic pickup, nor that any competitor would have even replied to his threatening telephone call. You see: we empathize with what our customers face. Nevertheless, it seems we can't make every last customer happy, no matter what we do. We do have one customer who is unhappy with us, try as we might, we can not afford to pay international customs assessments on our customers purchases out of our own pockets without raising the price of our products to everyone. And that's not going to happen!

   Case 3. And our third and only telephone complaint this year was from a man in Chicago who we were unable to ship am $11 six pack of 6x9 writing paper to during the height of summer.  We had unanticipated demand, but had reordered early. Only, the pads we ordered refused to show up. The only paper company making this tablet, located in Ohio, had suffered damage from the River Floods and it took weeks for them to repair and start producing 6x9 pads again. All the paper they had produced ended up down the Ohio River somewhere! Then, as if that weren't enough, their next round of containers were damaged by a second flood and didn't reach us either. Then just as that resolved, they shipped again, but the height of summer heat resulted in Federal Express losing their air conditioning the very day our emergency shipment of paper reached their Keasbee, NJ Shipping Warehouse, so there it sat for several days.  It seemed to us no matter what we did, 6x9 pads simply could not be shipped.  As a result, it appeared to us the gentlemen had a legitimate complaint we were unable to resolve: we were simply unable to obtain any 6x9 writing pads. Then, our extremely resourceful company CEO discovered that the local Shop Rite Supermarket chain just happened to use the same type of writing pad and had a few extras new and in the box. So he drove to Shop Rite, paid the store manager for six brand new 6x9 writing pads, and shipped them over night to this gentleman.

That was it for 2006!  Of our many thousands and thousands of customers.  We would guess that we had less telephoned in complaints than our competitors take in a New York minute.

How did 2006 compare with 2005?  We had nearly double the sales in 2006, but only 2 more PCs than 2005 had an in-warranty failure! Here's 2005:



warranty repairs

One, in Indiana, was a Personal Computer that was bounced badly by the shipper and we replaced it upon receipt.  the 2nd, a Personal Computer in Chicago, had been run with its volume control on full for six months, causing its subwoofer to blow out, damaging its sound, this has been retrieved and is being replaced and we are providing a free upgrade to include a special Automatic Gain Control device that senses when the volume is too high and reduces it slightly to protect high performance speakers. The third, which was really a sand and seashore incident, we repaired a laptop which failed after it ingested sand, under warranty.  The fourth, a PC developed a broken USB port, which was fixed in place and returned. The fifth, was a laptop which stopped functioning.  Upon inspection, reloading Windows XP Pro seemed to do the trick, and while we had it in, we replaced a keyboard with soda in it, and a back panel that had cracks due to it being placed underneath a heavy TV accidentally.  The non-warranty items cost $86 dollars.  The warranty repair was free.  And the last of the six, was a laptop which was damaged during transatlantic shipping, but which because we had shipped the unit to the customer with a Wide Ultra XGA screen to a customer, rather than with a Glass View Super XGA+ screen due to unavailable SXGA+ Glass View in 15.4" form factor, we decided to give the customer a free upgrade to a 17" model with Glass View SXGA+ under warranty, since he was interested in SXGA+ Glass View, not in the higher resolution Ultra XGA.  That unit will ship to him next week.  All told, not bad for an entire year!

In the non-warranty repair category, one Orca 9000 Laptop had a full Big Gulp of Soda spilled in it.  The user was in England on the road and badly needed it, and could not take the time for our British repair group to look at it.  So, at our suggestion, he let it dry off, hooked up an external keyboard we provided him in England and continued to use it until he returned to the States.  When he returned, unfortunately we discovered that the Soda had managed to get inside under the keyboard (after all, he spilled 32 ounces of Coca Cola on it).  So, to insure he would never have a problem, we took his hard drive and placed it into an identical new system, using only his top and bottom panels of his housing, and charging him only for the keyboard that was damaged, and a mainboard. He received his system back in top working order.  He thanked us profusely for saving his system.

The balance of repair work performed by CompAmerica was on Compaq, Bell, IBM, CompUSA and HP systems, which we charge some of the lowest prices in the world to fix and de-virus/de-adware.  Call us at 908-931-1200 for details if your PC needs repair!!